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Will UK ratifying UN Convention for BSL Signers in 2008?


On a very long campaign from several organisations and charities including deaf WFD organisation fighting for this Disability Treaty to come to benefit us.

Last year, many countries has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities and has come force by 3 May 2008.

Now UK says that they will probably ratifying the convention by end of this year, 2008.  We deaf people do need this badly – because this convention treaty including many sign language rights.

The UK has been avoiding to allow deaf people to have sign language rights in this country.  Are they changing their mind?  However, this Convention is not a BSL Act but it will bring some new rights – more pressure on Government to introduce a BSL Act?

In my back of my mind, be quiet, hopefully they do not realise they actually give sign language rights to deaf people until they ratifying.

But Hell, why am I or other UK deaf signers hiding and pretend nothing bad will happen?!?  We should be proud and doing for this, without any prejudice or any oppression from the Oppressor!

Here is the link for the Commission of Equality and Human Rights announcing the news please press here


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